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Experiencing Idiomas – Dr. Cristina Bujoreanu's Blog

Experiencing Idiomas

    How do you like your coffee? I like it hot in different places seasoned with new flavored stories.

    Coffee is more than just coffee, is an experience with many seductive layers, awakening with a huggable cozy warmth or by showing the cold squared shoulder. There is the break-up coffee, the shared one in the morning after, the one that is friendly, fun or always in a rush, the one you need but you shouldn’t take, the creative and spicy one or the clumsy rum mix. Takes all shapes, tastes, colors and emotions with its persuasive trace of perfume. Vicious and addictive, single or combined, hardcore or vanilla, just a few drops transformed in a ritual reaching all landscapes and cultures. Both sunset and sunrise, rain and snow, even the mountain, the desert and the ocean… they have all enjoyed it. The bitterness comes along too as there will always be the one you didn’t take or you cannot take again and I don’t even want to talk about spilling it. I like to see it as art.

    Communication tastes like coffee and languages are more than coffee mugs, so don’t miss out interesting experiences. Life is too short to stop searching for colorful, witty and childish playfulness!

       So tell me… do you have coffee traces in your life?

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