Leader ship

    Present is future distributed unevenly. – Wiliam Gibson

    To be able to achieve success, you have to keep your eyes on your target, but at the same time, you have to avoid the mistake of seeing only the task itself and ignoring the people that help you achieve it. Great results are obtained in teams in which a leader has the capacity to manage the impact he has on each member of the team.

     What makes a good feedback? Changed behavior- firstly, from the one that is offering it. Bringing up the mistakes that sabotage the “performance” with indignation is a way to break the team, creating a defensive attitude, a feeling of constraint and guilt that inhibits. By concentrating on the good parts, people become open to each other, to ideas and projects. When people care about each other’s growth, a sense of belonging nurtures- they belong to the team, to the project and the goal of the team becomes their goal too. When they get more involved, their resources become visible, therefore, they use them better to solve problems together. Taking the time to explore each team member’s potential, is increasing the quality of overall performance!

    A great team is organized, each one knows their role and the objectives of their work together and they are constantly offered opportunities to grow. This team goes that extra mile because of the trust they have to rely on each other and because the working environment  and the vision are protected by their leader.

    High standards are inspired, not imposed.

The text above was inspired by the book “FOCUS”, written by Daniel Goleman.

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