Raindrops are music notes hitting the ground

     When the earth is taking a shower, humans are shrinking. It’s how we let go of dirt, salt and worries, allowing the child within to get out dancing. Time stops and we play with the water tickling our skin. We forget about ourselves in the laughter of our heart. We are true, present and connected.

     – Grandma, grandma, look! The sky is singing and I’m dancing my way through!
     – Oh, Cat, get inside!
     – Come on, grandma! Where’s your spirit of adventure?
     – The adventure is not calling the doctor tomorrow! Trust me!
     – But my pirouette has waves! Isn’t this awesome? Look!
     – Well… it is but keep them out of my wooden floor! I’ll go make a tea and leave a blanket at the entrance!
     – Oooh, I love you! I’ll find you for a huuuge squeeze and you will love the rain too!!

      She was laughing in waterfalls, jumping all around and while exhaling, cooling down the heat of her temper, the fresh bubbles nurtured the warmth of her soul. She felt safe and hugged tightly by rainy fingers, through the clothes now stuck to her body.

     – Look! You have to open your arms and face up, stand on your tip toes… and then twiiist!
     – The tea is getting cold! Get inside, young lady!

     But the sentence got lost in a whisper, as she watched how Cat was dancing in the rain with her eyes closed, fearless and full of life, with little drops stealing away butterfly kisses. As the steam of the tea was being reflected in the kitchen’s window, almost mocking the rain for not being able to pass the glass barrier, it was drawing the story of a dream she has long ago lived and could have never forgotten!

     – Oh… my! This girl will make them fall for her just like the rain is falling from the sky! As simple as that! Just like… her grandpa did when I met him. Lost in dusty memories, she took a sip of tea to regain her voice and call her inside.

     But she didn’t.

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