It’s cold, muddy, the forest is dead and there are no flowers left to see. No birds singing, no butterflies, no colors and only the sound of huge shoes fighting to walk, pulling heavy clothes. No dancing leaves or sandy slippers, only cracked lips and frozen cheeks…

     It’s winter, my friends! It’s the purest of them all. White and clean, with snowflakes in the air, melting in steams of coffee and wine. People dancing on ice, families getting together under trees surrounded by presents, laughter and great food. It’s a moment of rest when you want to frost time and keep your loved one close, to keep you warm…

     Everything is white and the world is a blank page again. The funny thing is we don’t need snow to flip our page. Don’t! Don’t start now! Don’t make New Year’s resolutions, just relax and use this moment to be grateful for what exists in your life. From this place, imagine what you want to be, to have and just do your thing every single moment, no matter the season, no matter the year! Work for it!

     Seek the uncomfortable, and defy your fears! 

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