Why do i love foreign languages?

     Because knowing multiple languages offers you a 3D look on life, having access to art, music, literature and movies in their authentic form, like tasting and actually living other cultures. Foreign languages are a passport to discovering your own identity and a great way to bond, make new friends and live more lives. Traveling becomes much more meaningful and interactive! Being a polyglot very often means also new opportunities to advance in your career, being informed or simply more options for your choices.

     Languages develop your emotional intelligence, self-confidence, the desire to explore and offer the extraordinary gift of looking yourself in the mirror through the eyes of a stranger!


Why did I write a book?

     Because the method I came up with was so good that it had to be shared, to help others! Initially, it was just a Word document in my computer, written during my ERASMUS scholarship program. I was trying to conceive a fast, efficient and pleasant system to learn foreign languages! I was a medical student and I didn’t have a lot of free time, I had to develop a way to learn fast, adapted to my reality, so I could have a conversation with a native speaker in a short time, even if I made mistakes along the way. My objective was to exchange ideas, create a connection! And this is how 218 pages came out, with all you need to learn any of these languages mentioned, using at maximum what you already know.

     I realize this is not my field, but this becomes my strength! I am just like you, a regular girl, who made it possible to speak more languages. If I did it, you can do it too, exactly the same!


Who is the audience for this book?

     This book is for everyone who studies or wants to study foreign languages, especially English/ French/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Spanish/ Romanian and wants to be able, after 10 days, to have a conversation with a native speaker. Because the most important thing is to break that barrier we hit when we start learning a new language. It happened to me, when I was in school, after weeks, months, or even years invested in language classes, to find it difficult to speak even 30 minutes with a native speaker about general topics. Only after you have this base, it’s worth it to go further and study with a teacher, to be better and be able to write essays and documents in an academic environment.

     This is what “Polyglot in 10 days!” offers you: the chance to exchange your ideas in a foreign language, after 10 days! Sure, it’s at a very fast pace, but these are after all, 10 steps, and you are free to study in your own rhythm, enjoying the process!

Choose to invest in your education!

     Get your e-Book now and have access to an innovative method to speak any of these 6 languages in 10 days (English/ French/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Spanish/ Romanian). Only one book that will bring value, opportunities and color in your life! I know, it seems unbelievable, but wait and see your friends’ reaction after these 10 days! They will have to buy you that drink!

The story behind the book “Polyglot in 10 days!“

     I obtained the budget for the book through crowdfunding, thanks to “Multifinanțare.ro” platform and published it as “Poliglot în 10 zile!”, the Romanian name, with Smart Publishing House, București, in June 2016. The English version, “Polyglot in 10 days!”, ​was published as an eBook, Kindle edition, on Amazon, in January 2017.

     Big thanks again to all the people that believed in my dream and made it possible for the book to exist! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Book launch June 2016

“Polyglot in 10 days!”, Cristina Bujoreanu Method
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Publication Date: January 28, 2017
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“Poliglot în 10 zile!”, Metoda Cristina Bujoreanu
Publishing house: Editura București, Smart Publishing
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Book launch: June 2016
Language: Romanian
Pages: 225
Format: paperback
ISBN: 978-606-8823-10-2

Polyglot in 10 days!

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Polyglot in 10 days!

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