Carbon cu poveste

        It seems to me simply magical the way a singer takes an audience on a roller coaster of emotions in only 3 minutes!

        Without art we would see the world in black and white, elegant but also serious and predictable. A rainy day, staying home with a hot cup of tea or coffee sounds wonderful, but a week, a year… not at all. I love harmony but chaos has the most interesting harmony, the one you can grasp!

        As a firm optimist, I was showing a friend a cool TEDx speech about cultivating some talents which seem a little supernatural and impossible from the outside! Him, doubting Thomas, dared me to start drawing because I was really bad at it! I started in the cold winter of 2014 with portraits, inspired by online pictures and I had the impression I couldn’t use my creativity, but only improve my technique! And then an idea popped out: try to draw something that expresses the emotion/ situation/ idea of a song! I asked friends to send me their playlists so I could start listening new types of music, get to know them better and learn languages. So each drawing means something and reveals a story!

       Little did I know that in the summer of 2016, I would earn the first prize at a talent show, while working as a J1 student in U.S.A.!

Click here for my portofolio!

Squiggles on a page

      Read and express more to feel alive!

     It’s a beauty in the mark left by a pencil on a piece of paper. Wood and dust combining wishes, fears, moments of falling in love, unmet loves or consumed ones, shopping lists, drawings, lines, numbers, angles and shapes, raindrops, tears or shadows. The act of scratching brings to life the mute silence kept in every cell of our body. You can time travel to nonexistent places, reach thoughts, escape or build a memory in a journal for the moments when it will all seem a distant story somebody else lived. A squiggle can make your eyes wet, your heart beat faster or stop, play with hope and fear, take your breath away or steal a laughter.

     That powerful it is!   


     Being healthy means longevity with a high quality life and experiencing the world at maximum!

     I enjoy learning about the human body and mind, being able to understand what is good for me and the people I love. During my hospital practice I’ve witnessed a lot of life stories with a sad ending, sometimes tragic, because of hasty decisions, momentary pleasures or a lazy life style. The things we do now, have an effect for the rest of our life so always remember that our health is the foundation for wealth and happiness!

     It’s our duty to respect and protect what we have, be it a lot or a little, because our health affects not only us, but also the people around us. I know it’s hard to be something else than what we have seen or have been taught all our life, but it’s a high stake: a 5 stars life or a short, grey one. And we are also setting an example for the ones we interact with. We need to be a good one and learn to manage and love our biggest resource: our self!

Get away

     Exploring and connecting is the frisky smile hidden in the wrinkles of life!

     Like children playing in the backyard, curious about new adventures, grownups explore the world with all of her cultures, rituals, gastronomy, people and nature! I fell in love with finding humanity in my travels! Being able to connect with locals, speaking just a few words in their own language, understanding the life offer of a new place charged by its tradition, all this gives me the gift of not taking for granted my own home!

     It’s all about the fascinating charm of uniqueness!


     All those colors, forms, textures, smells and tastes combined with creativity are bringing people together! Food it’s the fuel that keeps us alive, preparing a meal it’s a declaration of love and a challenge to mix different elements to create something tasty and healthy. Cooking outdoor with fresh products from the local market is an art therapy for the soul! 

     Enjoying it with friends it’s a blessing and good drinks are a must for great conversations!


     “Their product is something we cannot produce, very beautiful, isn’t it?”– the Dalai Lama.

     I am a beekeeper passionate about how honey is made and I managed my own business of beekeeping owning 62 beehives, since 2011 until 2015. I don’t like the stings but I do love it how a beehive is the perfect example of an organized society. Bees are team players with a wonderful work ethic, they remind me of art, nature, cleanliness, health, sweetness, communication, effectiveness, gold dust, honey and waxy chambers!

         Bees make this planet a beautiful place with smiling flowers!


     Be a giver and create a world of abundance!

     Something magical happens when work without being paid, there is an authentic state of being that comes forward and sparkles up our creativity, inspiration and sense of fulfilling. Find a cause, a project and meet new people, they will be the fire for your passion and remind you the motivation of your actions.

     Dare to explore your potential!

Dance it out!

     I was always seduced by how dancers paint the air around them with sensibility, desire, vulnerability or strength.

     They make us feel their vibes coming in like waves, in a sensation of floating or spinning and a rhythm that awakens parts of ourselves received from our ancestors. We remember that moment when we felt and let go of emotions through our bodies, next to a fire, in a meditation that connected us to ourselves.

     Movement is after all, the heartbeat of life, so get up and dance!