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         I tried to gather here all the materials I used or I stumbled upon since I’ve started learning languages. I didn’t save everything and even if now it’s only a small list, I hope it will grow in time so that we can find here all we need to start an experience with results. Please feel free to comment with links/ resources you are using to learn languages, so I can add them on the list!

          Thanks to the ones who posted on their blog and shared information! Good luck and enjoy the journey!

=> Apps:

=> Lessons – multiple languages:
– Babbel
– Duolingo
– Memrise
– Italki
– Omniglot
– Rype
– Busuu
– Fluentin3months
– BBC languages
– MIT Global studies and languages
– Ethnologue
– Iknow
– Forvo (words pronounced by natives)
– Lang-8
– Word2word (a list with resources)
C4LPT learning resources
– Mimicmethod
ThoughtCo lifelong learning

=> Work online:
– Systran (translator)
– Ivona (text to speech)
Languagetool (spell checker)

=> YouTube:
         You can find on “Poliglot în 10 zile “ the Youtube channel, playlists for multiple languages with lessons and songs.
– Aprender Ingles: 600 frases en Ingles para principiantes
– Realdevelop
Educação Ativa Idiomas
– Luca Lampariello
– Audio languages
– Polyglot conference
– Vladimir Skultety
– Steve Kaufmann- lingosteve
– Langfocus
– Easy languages 
Learn Swedish
Education World
[LL] Language Learning

Polyglot Pablo

=> Inspiration – about how, why we should learn foreign languages and not only:
—> CHECK OUT my YouTube Playlist with great resources!
– 10 site-uri care te ajută să înveți o limbă străină foarte repede
– 9 reguli verificate și eficiente: regândește modul în care înveți o limbă străină […]
– Cum să înveți o limbă străină mai ușor, mai rapid și… gratis
– Învață rapid o limbă străină online gratuit. Sfaturi + peste 400 resurse gratuite
– Cum să înveți orice limbă străină în maxim 3-6 luni
12 rules for learning foreign languages in record time – the only post you’ll ever need
– Travel and learning languages
– Why should I learn a language?
Why I learned 20 languages and what I learned about myself in the process
The top 10 relationship words that aren’t translatable into English
Top 10 cele mai ușoare limbi străine de învățat
– 4 of the greatest language learners try to learn a language in one hour
– Piensa en otro idioma y acertarás
Spanish is the happiest language in the world
– Why you forget words and how to remember them
This is why bilingual is better 
27 tips to learn a language faster
18 things you shouldn’t do abroad 
Bilingual speakers experience time differently
The best time to learn a language
Learning a second language isn’t just good for your brain- it’s good for democracy, too
It’s not too late to learn a new language. Here’s why
 – Seven aspects of learning Spanish that really baffle English speakers 
How to curse like a Spaniard

=>These are websites where you can learn for free:

=> English

=> Spanish
Spaniolă pentru începători
– 150 Fraze De Spaniolă Pentru începători
– ROMÂNĂ – SPANIOLĂ -> curs de 100 lecții + TEXT
ESPAÑOL – ITALIANO curso completo 100 lecciones GRATIS + TEXTO 
– Learn Spanish in 5 Days – Conversation for Beginners

=> Italian
– One World Italiano – Facebook
– Audio Dictionary: Spanish to Italian
– Learn Italian: 600 Italian Phrases for Beginners
– 1000 Most Common Italian Phrases in Conversation (with English voice)
– Learn Italian in 5 Days – Conversation for Beginners
– One World Italiano – Youtube
Noi parliamo italiano, e tu?
– Film per tutti
Italia film
The Italian experiment – The 3 pigs – stories
– Learn Italian with Lucrezia
Learn Italian with Italiano Automatico
– Learn Italian with Marco Nisida 
– Learn Italian in 5 Days – Conversation for Beginners
Learn Italian with Simone Fiorini 

=> Portuguese
10 Portuguese blogs
Tus Clases de Portugués
English- Brazilian Portuguese basic words, expressions, sentences
– Learn Portuguese Vocabulary
– ​Polyglot Pablo- 150 basic phrases
– Polyglot Pablo- 500 Basic Portuguese Phrases For Beginners
​Audio Dictionary: Portuguese to English
Audio Dictionary: Spanish to Portugese
– 3000+ Portuguese words with pronunciation
– Basic Portuguese
– ​Top 100 used words
– RealDevelop
Aprender con Philipe Brazuca
– Audio Dictionary: Swedish to Portugese 
– Learn Portuguese in 5 Days – Conversation for Beginners

=> French
Français Authentique
– Lecții de Franceză: 100 Expresii Franceză Pentru Incepatori

– Curs rapid de Limba Franceză fără profesor 
– Learn French in 5 Days – Conversation for Beginners
Gad Elmaleh (stand-up comedy)
Imparare il Francese con Vincent

=> Swedish
– Română – Suedeză pentru începători
100 Swedish Verbs- Basic Tenses -> Memrise
– Suedeză pentru incepatori
– Read Swedish like a pro. Beginner course. Pronunciation -> Youtuber
– Learn Swedish in 5 Days – Conversation for Beginners

100 Most Common Words in spoken Swedish 
The BEST YOUTUBE channel I found so far -> great structure, quality material and plenty!!!
LearningSvenska -> YouTube Channel
Audio Dictionary: Italian to Swedish
Audio Dictionary: Swedish to Romanian
– Audio Dictionary: Spanish to Swedish
– 2000+ Common Swedish Nouns with Pronunciation · Vocabulary Words · Svenska
– A radio where they speak 24/7 in Swedish ( Click on P1)

=> Norwegian
Învață norvegiană

=> Arabic
Madinah Arabic

=> Chinese
– How to Learn the Chinese Language Easily with ShaoLan Chineasy