Urology Resident/ Author & Blogger/ Polyglot/ Beekeeper/ Registered Sole Trader

2020-present: Vice-President at Societatea Română a Rezidenților în Urologie
2020-present: National Communication Officer at ESRU European Society of Residents in Urology
2018-present: Urology Resident at “Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuță” Institute of Oncology, Cluj-Napoca, România
2011-2019: PFA 28721767
2016: Server at “Buffalo Phil’s Pizza & Grille”, Wisconsin Dells, U.S.A., Summer Work and Travel Program, 15.06 – 26.09.2016
2011-2015: Accessing European funds to be a self-employed person and manage my business of beekeeping owning 62 beehives
2010-2015: Avon Cosmetics Sales Representative

     Qualifications: M.D. – Doctor of Medicine/ Beekeeper
2018-present: Urology Residency Program in Cluj-Napoca, România
Urology is the branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary-tract system and the male reproductive organs. The Urology Residency Program in Romania includes a 5 years post-graduate education, structured as follows:
– Urology & Urodynamics (4 years)
– Rotations (1 year):
– General surgery
– Thoracic surgery
– Vascular surgery
– Medical imaging and Radiology
– Nephrology
– Anatomic pathology
– Bioethics
25.05.2019: EBLUS certificate- European Training in Basic Laparoscopic Urological Skills
2010-2017: Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu”, Cluj-Napoca, România
July 2015-September 2015: Summer practice in Oncology Department, HUCA Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias, Spain
2014-2015: University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Universidad de Medicina y Ciencias de la salud”, Oviedo, Spain – 1 year ERASMUS scholarship
2013-2016: Trainer IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association)
2010: ECDL European Computer Driving License – 7 modules – Microsoft Windows, Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Internet, General information about computers
2010, April 29th: licensed in beekeeping
2006- 2010: “Colegiul Naţional Unirea” High school, Turnu Măgurele, Teleorman, România
Profile: Matematics – Intensive Informatics
High school Finals: Mathematics M1 (9.30), Chemistry (10), Romanian (9.50)
Results: 9.60 out of 10
1998-2006: “Liceul Teoretic Marin Preda”, Turnu Măgurele, Teleorman; primary and general school

“Polyglot in 10 days!”, Cristina Bujoreanu method, English version, Kindle edition on Amazon, January 2017 || “Poliglot în 10 zile!”, metoda Cristina Bujoreanu, București: Smart Publishing, 2016, ISBN: 978-606-8823-10-2, Facebook page, June 2016
Published scientific work since March 2019
– Blogger since August 2017

All the work in the Urologic field is a collaboration with my team from the Institute of Oncology in Cluj-Napoca, coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bogdan Petruț

  • EAU20 Virtual 17-26.07.2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    1 Video Presentation
  • ESUT 2020, 23-24.01.2020, Leipzig, Germany
    5 Posters
  • Abordul multimodal in oncologie: diagnostic si tratament in tumorile de glanda suprarenala, Atelier de lucru, 07.11.2019, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 6 CME
  • Al 29-lea Congres Anual al Societatii Romana de Radioterapie si Oncologie Medicala (SSROM) – Multidisciplinaritatea si complexitatea cancerului- o continua provocare, 17-19.10.2019, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 18 CME
    3 Presentations (Video Session) and 1 Poster presentation
  • 26th Meeting of the EAU Section of Urological Research, 10-12.10.2019, Porto, Portugalia
    1 Poster Presentation
  • Toamna medicala Salajeana- editia a 19-a, 07.10.2019, Zalau, Romania, 24 CME
  • Progress in Uro-Oncology- 10th edition, 19-20.09.2019, Brasov, Romania, 12 CME
  • 51 International Advanced Applied Laparoscopic Urology Course & Workshop of Urologic Laparoscopy Course (EBLUS training with Dry & Wet Laboratory), 13-14.09.2019, Bucharest, Romania
  • Zilele IOCN, 20-22.06.2019, Cluj Napoca, Romania
    8 Presentations (Video Session)
  • Artificial urinary sphincter implantation and activation || Implantarea si activarea sfincterului urinar artificial, Workshop by CLERU, Institute of Oncology, 11.06.2019,Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • ROMURO 2019- Congresul National de Urologie, 05-09.06.2019, Bucuresti, Romania, 18 CME
    Presentation (Video Session): Fezabilitatea abordului laparoscopic 3D in cazul nefrectomiei partiale pe rinichi unic || The feasibility of 3D nephron sparing surgery on solitary kidney
    Presentation (Video Session): Abordul laparoscopic 3D in cazul nefrectomiei partiale cu dificultate tehnica extrema || Nephron sparing surgery for extreme technical difficulty cases using a 3D transperitoneal approach
    Presentation (Video Session): Provocarile abordului laparoscopic 3D pentru carcinomul renal cu tromb tumoral in vena renala vs. vena cava inferioara || Challenges of the 3D laparoscopic approach for renal cell carcinoma with renal vein vs. inferior cava tumoral thrombus invasion
    Presentation (Video Session): Fezabilitatea abordului laparoscopic 3D pentru pieloplastie pe rinichi unic || Feasibility of the 3D laparoscopic pyeloplasty on solitary kidney
    Presentation (Video Session): Managementul chirurgical al esecului in prim timp a pieloplastiei- abordul laparoscopic 3D vs. tratament endoscopic || Repairment of pieloureteral junction syndrome after failed pyeloplasty- 3D laparoscopic approach vs. endoscopic treatment
    Presentation (Video Session): Abordul laparoscopic 3D in tratamentul chirurgical al megaureterului. Este fezabil? || A 3D laparoscopic approach for the surgical treatment of the megaureter. Is it feasible?
    Presentation (Poster Session): Evaluarea costurilor cistectomiei radicale prin abord laparoscopic 3D- ureterostomie cutanata bilaterala vs. neovezica ortotopica Studer efectuata total intracorporeal || Costs evaluation of the 3D laparoscopic radical cystectomy with bilateral cutaneous ureterostomy vs. totally intracorporeal Studer orthotopic neobladder reconstruction
  • The 9th International Course and Workshop on Laparoscopic Urology, 23-25.05.2019, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 15 CME
    Presentation: Ethics on animal training
    Presentation: Ethics in live surgery
    Dry Lab coordinator
    EBLUS Exam was taken.
  • 4th International Course of Semirigid & Flexibile ureteroscopy, 15-16.05.2019, Timisoara, Romania
  • CEM19- 19th Central European Meeting in conjunction with the Austrian Association of Urology and the Bavarian Society of Urology, 09-10.05.2019, Vienna, Austria
    Presentation (Video Session): Accidents and complications of the laparoscopic approach
  • Artificial urinary sphincter implantation || Implantarea sfincterului urinar artificial, Workshop by CLERU, Institute of Oncology, 18.04.2019,Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • FEDURO Project- Formare de excelență în domeniul Uro-Oncologiei || Excellent formation in Uro-oncology, Fundeni Clinical Institute, Bucharest, Romania
    08-10.03.2019- Urology, Radiology
    22-24.03.2019- Nephrology
    12-14.04.2019-Urology, Radiology
    After these sessions we had a final exam. I ranked 4th- meaning all my costs were covered for participating at a scientific manifestation. I chose ESUR19 in Porto, Portugal.
  • 34th Annual EAU Congress, 15-19.03.2019, Barcelona, Spain
    Presentation (Video Session): 3D laparoscopic cavoraphy solutions for controlling vena cava during the surgical treatment of T3b renal tumors
  • Urogyn International Conference of Urogynecology, 08-10.11.2018, Oradea, Romania
    Presentation: Modalități tehnice de cavorafie laparoscopică 3D în cazul tumorilor renale cu extensie venoasă || Technical particularities of 3D laparoscopic cavoraphy for renall cell carcinoma with venous thrombus
    Presentation: Importanța mijloacelor de hemostază pentru prezervarea funcțională în abordul laparoscopic 3D al adenocarcinomului prostatic || The importance of hemostatic means for functional outcomes after 3D laparoscopic treatment of prostatic adenocarcinoma

    Presentation: Nefrectomia parțială laparoscopică 3D în cazul tumorilor renale cu grad ridicat de dificultate || 3D laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for renal tumors with high complexity degree
    Presentation: Cistectomia radicală cu reconstrucție ileală de substituție realizată total intracorporeal prin abord laparoscopic 3D – femei vs. bărbați || Radical cystectomy with ileal neobladder with a totally 3D laparoscopic approach- men vs. women
  • CEM18 EAU 18th Central European Meeting, 12.10.2018, Cluj Napoca, Romania
    Poster presentation: 3D laparoscopic treatment for renal cell carcinoma with venous thrombus
    Poster presentation: Radical cystectomy with totally intracorporeal Studer orthotopic ileal neobladder with a 3D laparoscopic approach
    Poster presentation: Low risk prostatic cancer patients that turn out to be higher risk after surgical treatment: Do we need supplementary lymph node dissection?
    Poster presentation: Which is the most gentle sealing device on surrounding tissues that we can use to protect the neurovascular bundles in laparoscopic radical prostatectomy?
  • The XXXIVth Congress of the Romanian Association of Urology, 10-11.10.2018, Cluj Napoca, Romania
    Surgical case presentation (Video Session): Particularități tehnice ale abordului laparoscopic în tumori renale cu tromb venos grad III || Technical particularities of the laparoscopic approach for renall cell carcinoma with level III venous thrombus
    Surgical case presentation (Video Session): Tehnici de optimizare a neovezicii ileale Studer efectuată total intracorporeal prin abord laparoscopic 3D la femei || Optimizing techniques for totally intracorporeal Studer orthotopic ileal neobladder with a 3D laparoscopic approach in female patients
  • European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) Autumn Assembly 2018, Cluj Napoca, Romania
    Trainer: Psychology & Communication in the medical field– 4 hours, 8 international participants
  • Conferința “Zilele YOCN”, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 12 EMC || “YOCN Young Oncologists in Cluj Napoca Days” Conference, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 12 EMC, 05-07.07.2018
  • Școala de vară: Cancerele Urogenitale, Iași, România, 12 EMC || Summer School: Genito-Urinary cancers, Iași, Romania, 12 EMC, 05-06.07.2018
  • Actualități în diagnosticul și tratamentul patologiei prostatice, Oradea, România 36 EMC || Actualities regarding the diagnosis and treatment of prostatic pathology, Oradea, Romania, 36 EMC, 21-23.06.2018
    Surgical case presentation: Abordul laparoscopic 3D în tratamentul chirurgical al adenocarcinomului de prostată || 3D Laparoscopic Approach in the surgical treatment of prostatic adenocarcinoma
    Surgical case presentation (Video Session): Cistectomia radicală laparoscopică 3D cu entero-cistoplastie de substituție: neovezica ortotopică efectuată total intracorporeal: bilanțul primelor cazuri || 3D laparoscopic radical cystectomy with orthotopic ileal neobladder- reporting our experience
  • Actualități in urologia târgumureșeană -2018- Laparoscopia – ediția a VII-a, Târgu Mureș, România || “Actualities in Urology in Târgu Mureș 2018 – Laparoscopy”, 7th edition, Târgu Mureș, Romania, 15-16.06.2018
  • The 8th International Course and Workshop on Laparoscopic Urology, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 17 EMC, 07-09.06.2018
    Presentation: Ethics and principles of training on live animal models in laparoscopic surgery
  • 6th Meeting of the EAU Section of Uro-Technology in conjunction with the Italian Endourology Association (IEA), Modena, Italy, 20 EMC, 24-26.05.2018
  • Simpozionul “Zilele Urologiei Sătmărene ediția a VIII-a”, Satu Mare, România, 12 EMC ||   “Days of Urology in Satu Mare” Symposium, 7th edition, Satu Mare, Romania, 12 EMC, 03-05.05.2018
    Surgical case presentation: Tratamentul laparoscopic 3D al SJPU Sindromului de Joncțiune Pielo-Ureteral || 3D Laparoscopic treatment of Pyeloureteral Junction Syndrome
    Surgical case presentation (Video Session): Abordul laparoscopic 3D în tratamentul chirurgical al carcinomului cu celule renale cu invazie venoasă || 3D laparoscopic treatment for renal cell carcinoma with venous invasion
    Surgical case presentation (Video Session): Nefrectomia parțială pentru tumori renale cu grad înalt de dificultate prin abord laparoscopic 3D || 3D partial nephrectomy for complex renal tumors
    Surgical case presentation (Video Session): Cistectomia radicală prin abord laparoscopic 3D cu neovezică ileală de substituție || 3D laparoscopic radical cistectomy with orthotopic ileal neobladder
  • 33rd Annual EAU Congress Copenhagen, Denmark, 35 EMC, 16-20.03.2018
  • Actualități, principii și tehnici fundamentale de chirurgie- workshop, Cluj Napoca, România, 13 EMC || Actualities, principles and fundamental surgical techniques- workshop, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 13 EMC, 18-20.01.2018


– Author: “Giant ovarian mucinous cystadenoma complicated with Pseudo Meig’s syndrome- an autopsy case report”, poster, Medicalis International Congress for Medical Students and Young Health Professionals, Cluj Napoca, 15-18.05.2014
– Author: ”Cyclopia and alobar holoprosencephaly associated with trisomy 13- Patau syndrome”, poster, Medicalis International Congress for Medical Students and Young Health Professionals, Cluj Napoca, 15-18.05.2014
– Director & Chief Editor of “MRe Magazine” pilot number, 05.04.2014
– Author: “Involvement of medical students in educational activities for cancer prevention and control”, oral presentation, Medicalis- International Congress for Medical Students and Young Health Professionals, Cluj Napoca, 16-19.05. 2013

=> Participant at:
– “Simulating a medical research”, 17.03-05.04.2014, MRe Medical Research education, with the next schedule:
– “Research introduction”, 17.03.2014
– “Ethical implications in using experimental animals”, 18.03.2014
– “How to apply for a research grant”, 24.03.2014
– “Writing a scientific article”, 25.03.2014
– “Giving feedback at a scientific article”, 31.03.2014
– “Advanced Powerpoint skills”, 01.04.2014
– “Research opportunities fair”, 05.04.2014
– “General reunion of the federation of medical students’ organizations from Romania ”, Piatra Neamţ, 13-15 .12. 2013
– “Medical research opportunities for UMF students”, MRe, Cluj Napoca, 22.04.2013
– “An ABC of medical research” training, MRe, Cluj Napoca, 22-24.04. 2013
– “Prime course for medical students”, Cluj Napoca, 12-16.11.2012
– “Tumoral stem cells”, ZEM Zilele Educaţiei Medicale, Cluj Napoca, 24.11.2011

– “Bioethical approaches & responsible conduct in translational research”, training workshop international organized within EU BEST-NetWORK Project, funded by European Commission &City of Vienna, through the START Danube Region Project Fund, 24-25.09.2015
– “Emotional intelligence”, workshop, Mental Health project, 07.06.2014
– “Histopathology and immunohistochemistry”, workshop, 27-29.03.2014
– “Inside experimental animal center of UMF Iuliu Haţieganu”, 21.03.2014
– “Obtaining stem cells from experimental animals”, MRe, 26.04. 2013
– “How to write a success paper in impact factor journals”, international workshop, 7-9.11.2012

As an IFMSA Trainer I have held trainings (43 hours) about communication, public speaking, transactional analysis, team building, motivation, leadership. Some of them are listed below:
– “The transaction of communication”, at the Scientific reunion „Psycho-nous”, part of UMF “Iuliu Haţieganu”, 09.03.2016
– “Comunicación noverbal”, (5 hours), 10 participants, collaboration with ADEMAS, the students’ organization from Oviedo, Spain, 2014
– “Public speaking”, (3 hours), 10 participants, 04.04.2014
– “Group dynamic”, (6 hours), 40 participants, Local Training Seminar Băişoara, Cluj Napoca, 19-20.04.2014
– “Motivation”, (3 hours), 17 participants, Piatra Neamţ, 14.12.2013
– “Motivation”, (3 hours), 21 participants, Turnu Măgurele, 27.12.2013

=> Participant at:
– “Young professionals”, Youth exchange, ERASMUS+ project, in Moravske Toplice, Slovenia, 03-12.10.2017
– “EUROPE, how (dis)connected are we?”, ERASMUS+ project: European Youth Weeks with participants from 10 countries, in Haus am Maiberg, Heppenheim, Germany, 22.07-05.08.2017
“Next era entrepreneurs #InventitBankit”, Youth exchange, ERASMUS+ project, in Vilnius, Lithuania, 13-21.07.2017
​- “Discover your inner nature”, Youth exchange, ERASMUS+ project – a L.A.R.P. (Live Acting and Role Playing) about northern culture and history held in an eco-village in Hastekasen farm, in Gothenburg, Sweden, 30.06.-11.07.2017
“Activity = Opportunity”, Youth exchange, ERASMUS+ project, in Ada, Serbia, 03.05-11.05.2017
“G.U.I.D.E. – Get United and Innovative, Develop and Educate”, ERASMUS+ project, in Berkovitsa, Bulgaria, 17.03-26.03.2017
– “Refugee Myths Breakdown“, ERASMUS + project, in Bialystok, Poland, 23.11-02.12. 2016
“Kariyer Kulübü – Youth Exchange”, ERASMUS + project, in Aydin, Turkey, 07.11-12.11. 2016
– “Training new trainers”, training FASMR, Bucureşti, 9-13 .12.2013
– “Time management”, training organized by the Training Department USR (The union of Romanian students), North Centre, UNIFEST days, 8.11.2013
– “Local training seminar” Băişoara, OSM Cluj, 1-3.11.2013
– “Fundamental notions about Phitotherapy”, training organized by UMF Iuliu Haţieganu, OSM Cluj and The Romanian association of Phitotherapy, 11.03-30.05. 2013
– Professional qualification training included in the “Teaching small farmers in Romania “ regarding general and specific aspects of Romanian agriculture including areas as: the general management of the farm, ecological agriculture and marketing agricultural products, Turnu Măgurele, Teleorman, 30.07-03.08.2012

– National Coordinator of “Simulating the specialty exam”
My responsibility was to coordinate the activity of the local coordinators who organized exams which simulated the national specialty exam in România. The activity was held for the 6th year medical students from:
– UMF “Iuliu Haţieganu”, Cluj Napoca – 7 exams;
– UMF “Grigore T. Popa”, Iaşi – 6 exams;
– UMF “Victor Papilian”, Sibiu – 1 exam;
– UMF “Victor Babeş”, Timişoara – 1 exam.
For the national medical specialty exam of 2014, FASMR organized 15 exams. I initiated the simulations held in Cluj and made the activity an official project of the organization OSM (Organization of Medical Students from Cluj), being involved in the local activity.
– Volunteer for the “Mental Health” project, OSM Cluj Napoca
2012 -2014
– Fonder and Coordinator of “MRe Medical Research education”, OSM project
MRe Medical Research education is a project based on volunteering, made by students, for students, and it is part of OSM Cluj- the organization for medical students from Cluj Napoca. The team organizes events like conferences and workshops to increase medical knowledge among students. The focus is on medical research. Pictures from all our events can be found here.
Team:40 volunteers
Participants: 100
Workshops: 3
Trainings: 2
2 Fairs presenting more than 40 scientific reunions and volunteering projects
– Volunteer at “Informing about cancer center” from Cluj Napoca
2012 – 2013
– Founder & Coordinator of the Scientific reunion “Psycho-nous”, part of UMF “Iuliu Haţieganu”, debating subjects of psychology, like:
Consciousness and self-image
Him and Her, Mars and Venus
Dreaming, altered state of consciousness
The psychology of decision making
2011 – 2012
– Volunteer at “Little doctors” national project, OSM Cluj Napoca

– 1st Prize- Scientific sessions “Chemistry – friend or enemy?” (regional level), Teleorman
– Special prize- Scientific sessions “Chemistry – friend or enemy?” (national level), România
– 1st Prize, QUARK Magazine – Physics magazine contest (local level), Turnu Măgurele
– 4th Place- Regional essays contest: “I want us to be friends”, Teleorman
– 4th Place – National contest: “Tolerance and cohabitation in the public space”(national level), România
– 1st Prize- Psychology Contest (local level), Turnu Măgurele
– 3rd Prize- Psychology Contest (regional level), Teleorman
– 3rd Prize- National contest “The I know contest” ( regional level), Teleorman
– 4th Place- English contest (regional level) , Teleorman
– 4th Place-“The memoirs of the Holocaust” contest (regional level), Teleorman
– 4th Place- The interregional English essays contest, Teleorman
– 3rd Prize- Romanian Literature Contest , Alexandria (regional level)
– 3rd Prize- Mathematics Contest, Alexandria (regional level)

Mother tongue(s): Romanian
Other language(s):
– C1 – English
– C1 – Spanish
– B2 – Italian
– B1 – French
– A2 – Portuguese
Levels: A1/2: Basic user – B1/2: Independent user – C1/2 Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

– Italian language European certificate, B2 level, Alpha center of Modern Languages, “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj Napoca, obtained on 16.01.2016, expired in 16.01.2018
– Spanish language European certificate, B2 level,  Alpha center of Modern Languages, “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj Napoca, obtained on 15.03.2014, expired in 15.03.2016
– English language certificate, B2 level, high school finals, “Colegiul Naţional Unirea” High school, Turnu Măgurele


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