About me

              Welcome to my playground!

     I love the unconventional ways of learning, that make you filter information, offer you a space full of creativity, playfulness, curiosity and trigger an idea, your idea! I have always searched for new approaches and original ways to see things and act. Authenticity is the hardest thing to find and extremely powerful!

     I truly believe that only by understanding psychology and by investing in our personal development, we can demolish all the definitions that were given to us by people and the environment we lived in and get to that “something”. That seed of energy, of dynamics and emotion, a pattern that defines us and is the base of who we truly are: who we want to be! Babies who don’t have any human contact after birth die of… loneliness, in medical textbooks there is the syndrome of the broken heart and no medicine in the world can cure the longing.

     We need each other to be the best version of ourselves because only by having someone to whom you can give to, you start having what you are offering!

     Kindly, Dr. Cristina Bujoreanu.

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