Urology in Paris

    This year’s April had a Parisian perfume. EAU Congress – the most important European Urologic event was at his highest level of innovation.

    As new technologies emerge, the surgical technique develops, optimizing the results for our patients. Endoscopic equipment was highly represented by Asian companies. The robotic devices are under continuous development, welcoming quality and price competition thus making high level robotic surgery more and more affordable. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality became a hot topic and more popular in our surgical devices and area of interest.

👩🏻‍⚕️Personally, it was a pleasure to be part of ESRU and YourDay moderators team. I thank my colleagues for the invitation and the amazing sessions that were prepared for Residents.

🍀 It has also been a great journey as an EUT Editor for the Residents corner in the last years, but time came to kindly pass forward my position to Dr. Mehmet Ozalevli, to whom I wish you good Luck and to make the best out of it!

🎯 The HOT (Hands on Training) I took part in offered amazing insight in what new techniques are available in managing prostate cancer and renal cancer. I recommend all my younger colleagues to experience HOT and ESRU Courses during EAU Congress.

🥂 Lastly but not least, I am proud of our team in Cluj (mentored by Assoc. Prof. Bogdan Petrut at Medicover Hospital), placing Romania on the European map of Laparoscopy and Robotics, highlighting partial nephrectomy techniques. Our made in Cluj ZERO ischemia technique used in Da Vinci XI partial nephrectomy was highlighted on the European stage of Urologic minimal invasive surgery.

    I kindly invite all my colleagues in Cluj – 13-15 of June- at our CLERU Masterclass, to dive in laparoscopy, robotics and HOLEP and enjoy the Transilvanian charm! 

     *Below you can find the aftermovie of last year’s edition. 

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