Walking library

    Humans are like walking libraries or bookstores – the givers or takers of life. The front row in the showcase will always be shinny – no dust, bright unblemished covers, used mainly for exposition – to attract. Here you can find the books that were read the most- what we allowed others to read, to experience about us. Good books are read, experienced… books are from people for people otherwise they lose their magic of emotional touch and mind blowing perspectives.

    However, each library has hidden books with stored away writings, unwritten novels, unread squiggles, blank pages and empty dusty shelves. The interesting part is that some, if not the majority, are stories written by others that we kept stored thinking that they actually belong to us. Many times they are the stories we feared to write by ourselves or did not feel entitled to write about.

    It doesn’t really matter if the books are fictional or not, what matters is that each time we read them, we bath in an emotion that becomes part of who we are. We live the story without actually having it lived; it is funny and a little bit scarry how memories work. The bookstore or the library is the story of our life and we are not only the reader but also the writer of its books.

    How are you experienced when being read by others? How alive are your pages?

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