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Rainy magic – Dr. Cristina Bujoreanu's Blog

Rainy magic

    As you lay under your blanket and the rain knocks on your window, let it in, dive in your bed, close your eyes and prepare for all your senses to be awakened. Go ahead now, open the window and crawl back in as the sounds become stronger, almost encompassing on the point of getting closer to the wet smell of life taking a shower. Your feet now seem dangerously exposed outside the blanket and goose bumps come alive to the lights and shadows dancing together, forcing you to discover the hot and cold corners of your soul. If you were outside in the pouring rain, you would feel your own warmth in the coldness of the wet air, shaking with every exhale. And all your thoughts would be only on right now, on this moment of experiencing nature on your body. But you are inside, discovering the sweet pleasure of having a cold nose as your body is being embraced in the warm cocoon of your bed. The wind caresses your face and the rainy veils shield you, as the whole world is yours for a moment. Your hair dances in unison with the branches of the trees as the vibrant breath of the Earth wants to surf on both the rain and your curtains, almost becoming a spinning spicy wave.

As leaves are taken away getting glued to your window, you learn to wash away the dirt of worries and fears. You humbly realise rain is more mature during autumn, teaching us to enjoy the silent clean cloth of winter with the sounds of letting go in shades of rust. 
Rain has its own facets, being a rebellious experience of the elegant and fascinating contrast of life, as the tears of our own hearts. Rain transforms depending on what it touches, it is never the same, it never will be. It can get you sick without the lightning striking, but it also has the power to birth life. Fragility and strength on different rhythms of emotions. Umbrellas seem kind of funny and helpless as they help you get through the rain, but never experience it.

      So, tell me… who would you like to hug right now and share a hot cup of tea with?

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