Da Vinci X robot and 3D laparoscopy in Urology

 I am so thrilled to let you know that the first course on Da Vinci robotic surgery in Uro-Oncology at Pelican Hospital (Oradea/Romania) happened this weekend! 💙 From my point of view, it was the on site event of the year, an inspiring experience both from a professional point of view and a personal one, as it was a so much needed face to face congress – one that creates friendships through a network of white coats fighting disease.

 3 types of Da Vinci X robotic surgeries were performed with live transmission on the spot- radical prostatectomy (transperitoneal), partial nephrectomy (transperitoneal), promontofixation by Assoc. Prof. Bogdan Petrut, Prof. Jean Baptiste Roche (St. Augustine, Bordeaux, France), Prof. Thomas Bschleipfer (Weiden, Germany), Prof. Ioan Coman and Prof. Nicoale Crisan (Cluj-Napoca, Romania). There were also captivating State of the Art sessions, HOT hands on training on Da Vinci simulator (on chicken legs), a book launch on robotic surgery and an unforgettable social program.

 It was a great learning opportunity not only because of the exposure to high quality treatments with international surgical techniques shared by renowned experts, but also for the enjoyment of leveling up to the effort of our mentors and peers. They did their best to train us as residents- by offering us access to up to date surgical mentorship, creating ripples in an environment where patients can benefit valuable expertise and conquer disease with optimal life quality.

 💞 CLERU also organized the annual laparoscopy course & workshop this spring, with the same effort to offer professionalism in learning opportunities- both Dry/ Wet lab training on pigs and Live surgery sessions. This can bring you closer to your EBLUS certificate and a network of advancement possibilities. So, dear urologists, I warmly invite you to search CLERU online and sign up for future events and join a team of learning seekers passionate about minimal invasive surgery. These will be one of the best investments in your education!

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