Love by pieces

   Rushed kisses, sleepless nights, half conversations, no emotional attachments, empty sensations.

   Love is not messy, “too emotional”, insecure, confusing or an adrenaline rush. Running from who we really are in the story of other people’s life is like this, as we crave for a spark of interaction to make sure we can still feel, touch and be desired. It’s all about the body, to boost the ego and keep us running away. The soul seems a taboo cage for the naive, needy and insecure ones.

   We scatter glimpses of love in moments of connection with different people without being connected to our own self, escaping from a broken version of us we won’t admit, being afraid of not being worthy enough to receive or to grow fully.

   Love is a calm, secure connection that warms up the discovery of two souls as they help each other develop. Life is too short to not express how we feel and love with all our heart. Only the brave ones do it, not because of naivety, but because it is the only way to heal ourselves and open up to receiving.

   The question is, who is worth it? And we have to reply first…

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