The story of success

   Each person has stories about why and how achievement happens, but we often forget that success gravitates around failure and it is not our personal “fault”, as failure often is.

   The metaphor in the video below is a brilliant interpretation of the falls as soars. I don’t see this man as sad and alone at the end of the journey. So many times persistently investing in ourselves is wrongly seen as selfish, even if we do help others along the way. Self improving is actually the only extended release of care and value upon others and ourselves, respecting our potential and the ones who at some point believed in us and helped. It is true that the road to the highest peaks is many times lonely, but this perception comes from the intense inside battle with our own limits and beliefs. Encounters may be short as we do not travel at the same pace in life, but significant connections will happen. Some of us will be lucky to create a meaningful and transforming life lasting bond with a mentor. As help or discouragement is given mainly to/by the ones nearby, we have to choose our company wisely.

   I like to interpret this art as a man who takes a rest and reflects on what he has to offer in this new life stage. He can now step back and forth, but he chooses to wait at the crossroad to help others when they struggle most and pay it forward. It is not about going to a lower lever, it is about walking with safety, ease and grace at any level. It is about how and why you do it, no matter what you do, where and with whom – it is about the talent, work, safety and expertise you bring to the table, no matter the height (environment) you’re at. 

   This is how meaning and impact are brought into our lives through work and determination, creating value and teaching/helping others to do so! Fulfillment relies on giving.

La Mécanique de l’Histoire – Energie – Panthéon, Paris

The secret to success is the untold story about failure.

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