Uro-technology at its best – ESUT20

Leipzig, Germany, January 2020: ESUT offered the chance for “experts and beginners to see the present and future of surgical technology” – Dr. Bernardo Rocco. And so it was!

Endourology, laparoscopy and robotics- ESUT continues to be a great source of learning and motivation in Urology. Comparing it to ESUT18 in Modena which was my first experience, I can only say the high standards where on point and the background I had in Urology helped me fructify the meeting even more.

Experiencing it from a resident’s point of view, I can say it is a must go to event for us, babies, training to be Urologists. We have experienced 2 days of a live surgery marathon both locally and from remote international locations such as Russia, China and Canada, adding also pre-recorded surgeries all in 1 room with 3 screens.

The technology along with the possibilities that our specialty has to offer was spiced with valuable feedback from panel experts. The comments during live surgery and coffee break discussions helped us understand key surgical points and feel the pulse of our specialty. The networking, the possibility to meet colleagues and get to know the urologists whose work I read in valuable journals plus seeing them operating made this trip to Leipzig a great enjoyable investment in my learning journey. During the first day, I enjoyed especially the innovations in stone surgery and during the second one, the amazing minimally invasive treatments for oncologic pathology. I had the feeling that ESUT meetings are a good reference point for my journey in laparoscopy. Also, being able to try the robot enriched my surgical perspectives. Even though unmoderated, the poster sessions were a good exercise for me and my colleagues to practice writing, share our work through 6 posters and also learn and understand how other residents/ specialists from international centers approach Urology and teaching. 

I have understood the power of mentoring and being surrounded by surgeons who push Urology forward through courses, live surgery events, poster sessions, internships and being in touch with surgical updates and adaptations to new technology. ESUT is actually the definition of a surgeon who develops constantly, growing its team, paying it forward and enjoying also the music of life outside work!


I returned home with a great team building, surgical strategies, better writing skills, ideas and career plans. I can’t wait for our International advanced laparoscopy course CLERU (28th-30th of May 2020), with a lot of Live surgery, Dry/ Wet lab training and for the brave ones, the EBLUS exam!
P.S. And I won’t forget my new friend, Dimitra >:d<- Danke for sharing life experiences, Cluj misses you!


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