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Yearly pages – Dr. Cristina Bujoreanu's Blog

Yearly pages

     Books are a timeless opportunity to explore the world, allowing us to indulge into ideas and mindsets shared by intriguing people of our choice. They invite us to imagine possibilities, unlocking our creativity by freeing us from fears. Reading refines our personality, helps us understand human nature and circumstances. It’s like sneaking backstage to see what’s beneath the tip of the iceberg, mapping our road through life with a stretched mind.

     Reading brings to light our inner voice and if you dare to do it out loud there is a spell of emotional shades. Turning pages it’s about dancing with the why, what, where, when, how and who, mixing feelings when we lock eyes with glimpses of how our own stories have been played many times before. Writing and reading it’s sharing intimacy with the world, taking a sneak peak at a naked soul that might be ours…  

     After one year of challenging my reading habits, I found the time I never thought I had in 8433 pages. Now I am resetting the clock for 2019 and I hope I will choose my books wisely!

My top 5 readings of 2018:
1. Paul Kalanithi- When breath becomes air
2. Daniel Goleman- Leadership, the power of emotional intelligence
3. Esther Perel- The state of affairs rethinking infidelity
4. Nassim Taleb- Skin in the game
5. David Mitchell-  Cloud atlas


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