What does it take to be the best? Your best.

     Do the right thing & leave it better!
     Question the rules of the status quo and do everything with integrity, respecting others. Leave your mark and upgrade it with creativity wherever you go. “The impact you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” – one of my favorite quotes from Jim Carrey to reflect upon.

     Be the hardest worker!
     Invest your energy in your goals and be ready to work your ass off to grow. You know that nothing worth having has ever been made easy, so have the patience to make grit your best friend.

     Have clear goals and a plan- work smart!
     Hard work is just exhaustion and lack of efficiency if you don’t work smart. It’s nice to explore, but having a destination and a map can help you make the best of your life trip, no matter what vehicle you are using. Study the people that have what you want and learn from their experience. Knowing their footsteps allows you to find/create your own path!

     Organize and prioritize- time is your most precious asset!
     It makes it easier to make decisions that support your growth by bringing clarity to your mind. This also helps you find your strengths and weaknesses, spot people that could help you and also learning opportunities to outgrow your low points. A plan doesn’t make you rigid, it offers a fruitful reaction to the unexpected. It reduces stress and, paradoxically, it offers an inviting place for the messy magic of creativity.

     Don’t compete with others, learn from them- be a team player!
     There will always be a better someone at that thing and, by not being able to be better than him/her, you may get into the trap of downgrading the other so that your skill looks better. Don’t do it ever! It only lowers yourself and you have only to lose from this. Instead, compete only with yourself, try to be better than you were yesterday and unveil your potential. Admire the ones that are better than you and learn from them! It’s productive for the people involved and also, for our society. 

     Teach others- be a giver!
     By creating a learning space, we start a ripple of giving that will touch us back at one point. By teaching others what we know we filter, deeper integrate and level up our own knowledge. We have to understand that it’s our moral obligation to transform into the ones we needed at different steps of our learning curve in life, no matter what cards life played us. Be a giver for the ones that deserve you and walk away from people that take you for granted! It’s not selfish, it’s knowing how your worth is best used by others!

     Have something to nurture & balance your soul!
     Hard work always has to be balanced with something. A hobby, family and great friends are our refresh button, a catalyst for our career development. Dance, laugh and travel with your tribe, as connections and emotion are the engine of life!   

     Passion is contagious- surround yourself with successful people!
     Whatever you choose to invest your time in, it has to be something that lights you up. People are passionate about the things they create and they are happy when they are busy crafting their part in a community. Fulfillment comes from discovering your potential= being comfortable with the uncomfortable and offering it to the world!

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