The magic of tidying up our life

     Cleaning our space is an inside job!

     I’ve realized that we are surrounded by our choices and our proximity is a prolongation of our personality expressed through our possessions, the space we live in, our people… Some may say we are not defined by what we own and I truly think we are defined by the emotions we share with others. Even so, there is something about it that connects.

     I have read the book “The magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo a few days ago and I recommend it. It is really amazing how it turned out to be a bestseller only by explaining the basics of decluttering and organizing the space we live in, something our parents have already taught us… or not. The key is that it connects the concept of tidying up our house with tidying up our life. The book explains how we should transform our space by keeping only what brings us joy, how to declutter and obtain clarity. It is sad if you think we never had classes in school teaching us how to manage the practical basic things in life.

     Ideas that stayed with me:

  •      Discard and let go of what no longer serves you. There is no shame in leaving behind what no longer lets you move to the next chapter of your life. It has played its part and hopefully, you did yours, too.

  •      There is a maximum number of objects we can own/ take care of properly and I would dare to say a maximum of quality relationships we can nurture, therefore is our duty to choose our people wisely. The dynamic of our relationships is vivid and we are constantly modelling each other.

  •      Keep only what brings you joy. You have to know yourself and define what you want in life to be able to build it. Distractions only keep you off track and they are delays you accept. Your fulfilment it’s your own responsibility and you reach it only when you develop your most authentic self.

  •      Bring and accept only the best, as long as you are putting the work of offering it; be greatful and cherish the pieces of your heart that you find and leave in others! Keep them close!

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