I wish I could cuddle in someone’s hug right now!
     You know that feeling when you’re staying in your hammock with your ripped jeans, used sneakers and a comfy T-shirt … and it’s getting colder, but you don’t mind and just want to swing a little longer? That moment, right there, is a caressed hug, reminding us of a human blanket with a soft warm heart who looks at us as if … no description needed. Everyone has their own story …

     Hugs are the best and I will always fall in love for them because they simply can’t lie!

     If we can mask feelings or the lack of them with a kiss or sex, we can’t do it with a hug. Because its our whole body communicating and putting our heart closer to someone else’s, a gazing of two souls. It nurtures the humanity in us and makes a bonding stronger than words: vulnerability and protection, trust, sincerity and emotion, a gift we give and receive at the same time. And there are so many shades of hugging … As if we have saved all the childish games we played when we could barely walk, our instincts and needs, all the expressions on our baby face, in a thousand ways of hugging!
    Our denuded soul is storytelling our feelings when we still aren’t able to talk …

    Skin to skin, one heartbeat, the squeeze and a kiss make magic happen!

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      Cristina Bujoreanu says:

      Thank you for the feedback, Replica Anelli Love! <3 I am really happy you like it and stay tuned for future blog posts! 🙂

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