How are best decisions made?

     I think is harder when we have more options because choosing one means saying “no” to many more … However, this variety brings us the freedom of saying a more self-conscious “yes”. Sometimes the roads we didn’t take hunt us with illusions that kidnap us from making the best of what we have …  I’m not sure what’s worse: “what if” or “I didn’t have a choice“. Sometimes not choosing is a choice itself.

     Let me tell you the good thing: it’s  all up to us! We can always get out of the box and not choose from the options someone put out-there, but build a new path, combining all of them in our new best! As long as we are the ones who decide and try to make the best with what we have chosen, we made the right call!

      A decision is an extension of who we are and it’s up to us what it defines!

7 thoughts on “Choices

  1. mm
    Cristina Bujoreanu says:

    Choices, choices… Cabbeell, I encourage you to put your work online and get some feedback, meet people working in this field and get more information. You will figure out what works best for you! 🙂

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