Back to origins

     How would you capture the process of personality development or transformation? I choose this picture!

     From this old tree you could make a chair, a table, a simple spoon or a beautiful frame for a painting of … let’s say … a forest. It would be wood framing wood painted on… wood. Hmmm!??!?!!

     Very often we see these amazing outcomes in people’s life never realizing we started more or less the same. We are all trees (different, but still trees) in a forest that needs strong connected roots, a good soil, sun and rain, just to be a protector and a giver for other plants and animals.

     It’s not what life brings to us, it’s what we make of it! Even if some not very lucky trees face storms and are full of curves, bruises and cracked skin … these are the ones that are the most beautiful and the strongest from the hole forest!

     P.S.: I know we are all instagramming our tree … but who’s our sculptor?

4 thoughts on “Back to origins

  1. Razvan Dan Ene says:

    Good stuff!

    Loved the article very much. Seems to me that the possibilities are endless, just like the trees in the forest. At first they might be rough looking but if we want to, we can turn them into valuable pieces of work.

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