Pieces of me glued to your soul, emotions to keep you warm, smiles bursting while we kiss, my hair stuck in your watch and how you can get lost with the stuff you do while we share the same space… Well… if I would say this out loud you could think I’m in love. Too soon for this, but… I do stretch out a lazy smile in the right corner of my lips.
     Is there any ”normal” speed for developing feelings? Anyway, I… I’m giggling with the idea that I woke up first and I’ll see that face you make when you’re fighting my horrible alarm clock! Good luck hitting the snooze button! :))
     Today is Friday. I have to pack the candles for my mother, get a haircut and bring Lana the pieces for the studio. In any case, I should ignore my ”to do list” just for a few moments more… I love rolling under the blanket when the morning air is so fresh!
     What’s up with you?
     You made me love the 3 a.m. dances in the kitchen and in a weird way, also the snoring that helps me write when nobody’s watching. Even though I must confess that, somehow, I sleep better now without a pillow. And I wonder if we could both fit into your large sweater, the one your crazy aunt gave you for Xmas.
     Hmm… I think a better question would be, what’s up with me?
Too early to think about this so… for now I’ll just go and put the kettle on… I still have a few more minutes only for me…

     P.S.: It seems that lately, you are my coffee and my mornings!
     06:00 Time to wake up! :*

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